Mustela has reinvented skincare to protect the future of your baby's skin.

Mustela has reinvented skincare to protect the future of your baby's skin.

Mustela has reinvented skincare to protect the future of your baby's skin.

Everyone knows that babies have fragile skin, but our researchers have discovered that the skin of a newborn has a surprising source of strength: a unique cellular reserve that is at its maximum at birth, yet remains vulnerable, during the first few years of life, when the skin barrier is developing.  
This cellular reserve is unique to a baby’s skin and fragile, yet is the source of key vital resources.

After ten years of research and several major discoveries, Mustela has reinvented its skincare products in order to protect this unique source of strength and support your baby's skin as it develops – both today and in the future.

Nadège Lachmann

Head of clinical studies,
mother to Jeanne and Emma.

What has guided me
in my research?
My instinct as a mother! Icon


The research programme initiated by our researchers brought together Europe's most prominent skin specialists. Their shared ambition uncovered key qualities in babies' skin.

To help us better understand just how fragile babies' skin is and what exactly it needs, we launched a unique research program focused on their epidermises.

We have been passionate about babies' skin for many years now. Not just as researchers interested in scientific breakthroughs, but above all because we are also parents who are concerned about the health and well-being of our children.

Throughout life, our skin defends our bodies against environmental aggressors and keeps us properly hydrated - which is essential for our cells. However, a baby’s skin is delicate and fragile and does not yet completely fulfill its function as a protective barrier.

And so we were able to demonstrate for the first time that this protective barrier is only fully operational after a few years. Up until the age of two years old, a child's skin is very vulnerable to day-to-day stresses from the outside world and is not yet able to keep the body properly hydrated. It is absolutely essential that it be properly nourished and strengthened.

Throughout life, our skin defends our bodies against environmental aggressors and keeps us properly hydrated - which is essential for our cells. However, a baby’s skin is delicate and fragile and does not yet completely fulfill its function as a protective barrier.

Philippe Msika

Director of innovation, research and development,
father to Sarah and Camille.

QuoteWe knew that babies' skin was fragile, but what we didn't know was just how precious of a ressource it held – precious, but also vulnerableQuote

After 10 years of research, the Mustela team has demonstrated that the core of babies' skin contains unique potential: a precious wealth of original cells that contributes to the future health of their skin.

We made the most incredible discovery right at the core of babies' skin: an unimaginable wealth of original cells – cells that remain unique throughout life, but which are extremely fragile

We reconstituted and analysed the skins of newborns, babies and children in a laboratory environment. This was truly a technological achievment that no one had ever accomplished before anywhere in the world, and one of which we are extremely proud !
The research that we carried out on epidermises that we had reconstituted in laboratory environments showed us that at birth, babies have a precious wealth of original cells – cells which give skin its life. These original cells, also known as mother cells, ensure that the skin is able to regenerate and are responsible for maintaining its overall balance. But this wealth of cells that remain unique throughout life are also extremely vulnerable to aggressors from the outside environment.
It is therefore extremely important to protect them from birth in order to safeguard the future of your baby's skin.

10 years of research, 15 scientific publications, 6 patents registered, 1 major dermatological discovery: these original cells are nesteled in the deepest part of the epidermis and are the skin's "mother cells": throughout life, they enable the skin to regenerate and maintain its overall balance.

This major discovery has completely changed the way we view babies' skin: behind its fragility hides unique potential. With this new knowledge, we view young childrens' skin with even greater emotion. We know that these original cells at the core of a baby's epidermis are what gradually evolve into the cutaneous barrier. This will protect them throughout their life – just as a mother tirelessly protects her child.

Sophie Leclere-Bienfait

Head of Active Cosmetics Ingredient Development,
mother to Nathan and Elsa.

QuoteOnce we had discovered this wealth of extremely fragile cells, the challenge was to find out how we could protect it. The best part was discovering that the solution was of the most natural originQuote

An intelligent active ingredient, a biomimetic active ingredient

Avocado perseose® is one of a new generation of biomimetic active ingredients: natural active ingredients that mimic nature, which are able to act in perfect affinity with a baby's skin, thus combining targeted efficacy with maximum tolerance.
Avocado perseose® actively aids the development of the cutaneous barrier and protects the skin's cell potential in babies: it therefore meets all the needs of babies' skin, starting from birth.

The plant world has provided us with the most extraordinary active ingredient for protecting the precious wealth of original cells within babies' skin.

Once we were aware of the importance of this wealth of cells in babies' skin and just how fragile it was, we knew we had to find a way to preserve it. Certain that nature itself harboured all the resources we needed to protect our skin, we examined dozens of plant molecules, but none of them met our requirements.At that point we turned our attention to a fruit with the most remarkable dermatological potential: the avocado. Within the fruit's pulp we discovered molecules that are extremely rare in living organisms – molecules whose role is to aid the fruit as it grows and matures.

Avocado perseose®

  1. Patented biomimetic active ingredient.
  2. Preserves the skin's cellular richness.
  3. Strengthens the cutaneous barrier.

Once extracted, purified and concentrated these active molecules yielded the most astonishing clinical results: acting in perfect affinity with the epidermis from its surface to deep within.  They were capable of preserving the wealth of cells in babies' skin and aiding the construction of the cutaneous barrier.

A new natural active ingredient was thus born: Avocado perseose®. With its biomimetic properties, Avocado perseose® works on the skin the same as it does in its original fruit, precisely meeting the needs of a baby’s skin right from birth and optimizing the high tolerance and efficacy.

We had finally found the active ingredient we needed for protecting the future of our childrens' skin. An active ingredient that is so exceptional that we have incorporated it into our new formula so that babies can take advantage of its benefits day after day.

Franck Menu,

Director of product formulation,
father to Maëlle and Adrien.

QuoteDrawing inspiration from the extraordinary potential of Avocado perseose®, we have reinvented all of our skincare products to protect the future of babies' skin.Quote

Inspired by nature's endless resources, we have reinvented all our Mustela Bébé products so that they can  meet the needs of babies' skin even more effectively.

Using Avocado perseose®, we have succeeded in creating a range of even more natural formula that are even safer and more effective.

Once we had discovered Avocado perseose®, re-formulating our skincare products was the most natural thing to do: we wanted to excel even further in the areas of naturalness and purity.

We have always given priority to ingredients of natural origin and we had already removed a number of questionable substances (parabens, phenoxyethanol, and phtalate). With this new formulation, we have gone even further to ensure that our products are even safer. Mustela Bébé products now contain 92% ingredients of natural origin on average – without in any way compromising their effectiveness or pleasure of use.

Today, after 10 years of research, we are now able to provide all babies with the skincare products that we dreamed of for our own children: products that are even safer and more natural and effective. These newly formulated products harmoniously aid the development of their skin and protect its cellular wealth – both now and for the future.


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