A specialist product to protect your baby from UV raysApril 2014

Are you planning a mountain holiday with your baby? Don't forget to bring a tube of Mustela Solaire very high-protection Sun lotion with you so you can safely enjoy sunshine in the peaks: practical and extremely effective, this new-generation product protects your child's skin from UV rays and preserves their cell stock.

The ski season is upon us! If you're going on holiday, you can definitely take your baby to the mountains with you: the snow and the fresh air will be a source of numerous discoveries and new pleasures. But the sun's rays are even more dangerous in altitude: the atmosphere filters out fewer of its harmful rays and even more ultraviolet reflects off the snow onto the skin. Protecting your baby's delicate skin is therefore essential: it is 40 to 60% thinner than yours, more sensitive, and so is much more vulnerable to UV rays.

New protection against UV rays

For complete peace of mind when you're in the mountains, bring a tube of Mustela Solaire very high-protection Sun lotion with you. The result of a series of major discoveries about how children’s skin behaves in the sun, its high-tolerance and hypo-allergenic formula effectively protects your baby against UVB (factor SPF 50+) and UVA (25PPD) rays, without damaging their delicate skin.

Enriched with Avocado Perseose, an active ingredient with biomimetic properties that works in complete harmony with the skin, the very high-protection Sun lotion also provides protection against damage to the skin deep down, preserving its natural defences and its cell stock.

Practical and clever

A specialist product, very high-protection Sun lotion has also been designed to make your life easier. It comes in a small and practical tube so you can slip it into your pocket and re-apply it as many times as you need to on your way up to the slopes. Simply pressing the airless tube's pump will deliver a small quantity of the product – enough for your baby's face. Easy to spread and non-sticky, it is resistant to both sweat and friction from clothing, protecting your child no matter what they are doing!


To find out more about Mustela Solaire very high-protection Sun lotion, have a look at its product information sheet.

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