Soothing care for a peaceful winterDecember 2013

During the cold season, babies are vulnerable to the elements. They often suffer from colds, and the wind, cold and dry air dries out their skin. To fight winter’s little discomforts, try the expert skincare products developed by Mustela Bébé.

Now the bad weather is really here: for several months, we can’t get away from the cold, the wind, overheated rooms and those pesky viruses! While it’s not very pleasant for us, this cold period is even worse for babies.


Sleeping well, even in winter

Newborns can contract up to eight colds a year, since their defense mechanisms are still immature. And when your baby is congested, it’s often just as uncomfortable for him or her as it is for you, especially at night when the whole family can lose sleep.

To help your little one have a peaceful night, Mustela Bébé has created a gentle and highly effective product: Soothing Comfort Balm, which offers all the purifying, soothing and relaxing benefits of plants. Enriched with lime blossom and chamomile extracts, plants with calming properties, Soothing Comfort Balm helps your baby relax while its refreshing pine and rosemary fragrances increase the baby’s comfort. In addition, its shea butter and honey extract leave the baby’s skin moisturized, protected and silky soft. For calm, peaceful nights the natural way, gently massage the balm into the baby’s chest just before bedtime.


Intense protection for dry skin

Winter frequently has a major effect on babies’ skin; the wind, cold and dry air can easily disturb its fragile balance. The skin can become rough and uncomfortable and show signs of increased dryness. During fall and winter, and even throughout the year if your baby has naturally dry skin, it’s best to use Mustela Bébé’s Face Cream and Body Milk with Nutri-Protective Cold Cream.

Intensely nourishing and healing, these products are bursting with naturally protective ingredients, including beeswax, sweet almond oil, shea butter and ceramides. When used every day after a bath, they deeply moisturize and nourish babies’ skin so they can better withstand winter’s wrath. Merely touching your baby’s cheek provides proof positive of the results: the skin becomes supple again and soft enough to nibble!

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For many years now, Mustela has been protecting the skin of babies, as well as safeguarding their living environment: the brand, which is firmly committed to promoting the principles of sustainable development, has just won a Sustainable Beauty Award.


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