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Getting ready for Easter with your baby

With its Easter eggs, hens, bells and rabbits, Easter brings children a great deal of joy and wonder. They can enjoy this spring holiday right from a very early age. Get inspiration from our ideas for activities that you can try for gently introducing your baby to all the traditions of Easter!

Stelatria: specialist products designed to repair irritated areas

Scratches, redness, bites and chapping… At one time or another, all babies suffer from patches of irritated skin, because their delicate epidermises are easily weakened. Discover Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics Stelatria products, designed to provide your baby with rapid relief. These include a cleansing gel and repair cream which quickly soothe these little irritations, preventing the formation of long-lasting marks on the skin.

The rising popularity of oils

Oils are brimming with benefits – for the face, for the body, for mothers-to-be and for babies – provided you know which ones to choose! This is because they are not always completely safe or derived from natural ingredients.

The Mustela brand wins an award for the eco-design of its packaging

For many years now, Mustela has been protecting the skin of babies, as well as safeguarding their living environment: the brand, which is firmly committed to promoting the principles of sustainable development, has just won a Sustainable Beauty Award.

Soothing care for a peaceful winter

During the cold season, babies are vulnerable to the elements. They often suffer from colds, and the wind, cold and dry air dries out their skin. To fight winter’s little discomforts, try the expert skincare products developed by Mustela Bébé.