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Stelatopia – for coping with eczema-prone skin

Eczema-prone skin, characterized by dryness, redness and itching, affects one out of five children. To relieve the often uncomfortable symptoms of this skin disorder and restore your baby’s healthy skin, try Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics’ Stelatopia product line.

The secret of babies' skin

Mustela uncovers the mysteries of baby's skin.

Mustela has discovered a closely guarded secret at the heart of babies’ skin: a precious wealth of original cells that represent its true source of life.

Mustela Bébé gets a news look

The Mustela Bébé range has been reinvented to provide new protection for babies’ skin.

Hydra Bébé: properly moisturized skin is skin that is well protected!

Hydra Bébé products are perfect for moisturizing the skin of newborn babies, supporting its natural development and preserving its cellular wealth, providing deep protection day after day.

Hydra Bébé face cream and body lotion are essential products for day-to-day care, perfectly moisturizing the skin of newborn babies. But that's not all! They also support its natural development, preserving its cellular wealth and providing deep protection day after day.