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Preparing your baby’s first Christmas

That magical festive time of year is here again... And what could be better than your first Christmas with baby? Regarding preparations leading up to the big day, here is our advice for your baby’s initiation to the magic of Christmas and creating its first memories of these precious moments.


Your baby’s early musical awakening

Children and music, it’s a great love story... Even before they are born, babies are sensitive to the sounds that reach them. And from the youngest age, and throughout their development, music is a vector of pleasure and sensory awakening. Find out how the world of sound can benefit your little one’s development!


Osteopathy for little ones

While the benefits of osteopathy in adults are well known, we tend to think less often of its benefits for babies. Yet it often gives amazing results in babies, and its sphere of action is particularly broad: difficult labour, disturbed sleep, digestive problems, continuous crying, difficulty with breastfeeding or repeated bronchitis are all reasons for taking your baby to see an osteopath. Ready to try it?


A mother’s life

After spending eight years in France, where she met her husband, Christina now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s the mother of three young sons and works at the Alliance Française. She talked to us about the highs and lows of life as a busy working mother.

How many children do you have? Could you tell us their ages and first names? I have three boys: two were born in the France and the youngest was born in the United States. The oldest, Ilyas, is 11, the second oldest, Jalis, is 8, and the youngest, Sofian, is two and a half. I was 26 when I had my first son.