Mustela: Safe care for your babyFebruary 2015

What could be more important than safety in choosing products for baby? Nothing could be more important for mothers, of course, and safety is an absolute priority at Mustela. With formulas suited perfectly to the skin, particularly exacting safety protocols, and optimal product preservation, Mustela leaves nothing to chance when it comes to providing you with 100% safe products.

Increasingly safe formulas

The first, essential step in ensuring safe products for your baby relates to product composition itself. Mustela has always placed priority on using vegetable-based products; Mustela Bébé products currently contain on average 92% ingredients of natural origin, and up to 99% for some products. Developed in partnership with healthcare professionals, all Mustela products are hypoallergenic, high-tolerance, and guaranteed to be free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, phtalates, alcohol, and essential oils, ensuring they are as safe as possible.


Exacting safety testing requirements

Before their release onto the market, Mustela products must pass a series of particularly rigorous tests, going beyond what is required by law. These include skin and ocular tolerance tests and hypoallergenicity and/or phototoxicity tests performed under the supervision of pediatricians and/or dermatologists. Mustela 9 mois products, formulated for expectant and new mothers, are additionally required to display complete absence of risk to fetuses and to babies that are nursing.

Mustela products continue to be closely monitored while on the market as well; as with medications, pediatricians and dermatologists immediately report any side effects to the Mustela teams.


Optimal preservation

To prevent any risk of contamination, Mustela pays particularly close attention to how its products are preserved. Some products contain preservatives approved by the healthcare authorities and proven to be safe and effective; others, formulated free of preservatives and targeting the most sensitive skin types, are packaged in modified atmospheric conditions to ensure optimal preservation.

All Mustela products can be kept up to 30 months from their date of manufacture. Always check the expiration date printed on all product boxes!


Looking for more information about the safety of Mustela products? Take a look at this page on safety or at these FAQs, where you will surely find answers to your questions.

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