Mustela Bébé Massage Oil: For Gentle MassagesNovember 2013

Share a moment of well-being and tenderness with your baby with Mustela Bébé massage oil! Highly sensorial and specially formulated for the skin of new babies, this best-selling product just received a Victoire de la Beauté award in France.

Right from birth, massage is an excellent way to relax your baby and give them a feeling of well-being. It helps the youngest babies develop an awareness of their own bodies, prepares them for sleep and can even soothe any little tummy pains they may have. Massage is also a special and tender moment that we adore sharing with our babies. However, be sure to use oil designed specifically for babies: products for adults can sometimes contain essential oils that are not suitable for the fragile skin of young babies.


Moments of pleasure and skin care

Specially formulated for babies and made with ingredients that are 99% of natural origin, new Mustela Bébé massage oil has a unique texture which means it can be used to gently massage your baby right from birth. Rich, silky and with a delicious fragrance, it dissolves into your baby’s skin, creating an envelope of soothing and relaxing warmth, without being sticky or slippery. And because massage is also good for the skin, it has been enriched with avocado oil which nourishes the skin, strengthening the cutaneous barrier. The ideal formula for a moment of shared pleasure between mother and baby!


Mustela Bébé massage oil wins an award

Thanks to all of these qualities, Mustela Bébé massage oil just received a 2013-2014 Victoire de la Beauté award. The panel of consumers who blind-tested the products appreciated its highly sensorial texture, as well as its naturalness and the safety of its formula. A fitting reward that confirms Mustela’s unique expertise in products for babies' skin!


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