Keeping baby’s skin well hydrated and protectedFebruary 2015

Could anything be softer than a baby’s skin? What mum doesn’t love to caress her little one’s skin, covering it with kisses? That silky softness that we adore also signals the immaturity of the skin barrier, however; that is why proper daily moisturizing is essential for strengthening and protecting baby’s skin. 

Warning: Fragile! Since it remains immature until the age of two, baby’s skin is unable to maintain the proper level of hydration on its own. To ensure it stays healthy, therefore, baby’s skin must be nourished and strengthened every day. And with Mustela Bébé products, this essential daily routine becomes a real moment of pleasure!


Pleasing products for normal skin types

If your baby has normal skin, try our Hydra Bébé products: with their rich and melting textures, the face cream and body lotion make baby’s skin deliciously soft. Specifically formulated for baby skin, these expert skincare products provide everything your little one needs: vegetable oils and vitamins E and F for immediate and lasting hydration, plus shea butter for supple, silky skin. And there is also Avocado Perseose: an extraordinary natural ingredient that strengthens the skin barrier and preserves cell strength. Plus: that inimitable Mustela fragrance, which smells so sweetly of baby and is so wonderful to pick up on your little one’s skin.



Intense protection for dry skin

Watch out for dry skin in the autumn and winter months! Wind, cold, and the dry air of heated interior spaces can easily disrupt the fragile balance of your baby’s skin, which can become rough and uncomfortable and show signs of increased dryness. Mustela Bébé Face Cream and Body Milk with Nutri-Protective Cold Cream are excellent antidotes: intensely nourishing and repairing, these products contain naturally protective ingredients such as beeswax, sweet almond oil, shea butter and ceramides. When used every day after a bath or before going out, they deeply moisturize and nourish babies’ skin so that they can better withstand winter’s wrath. If your baby has naturally dry skin, do not hesitate to use these products year-long!

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What could be more important than safety in choosing products for baby? Nothing could be more important for mothers, of course, and safety is an absolute priority at Mustela. With formulas suited perfectly to the skin, particularly exacting safety protocols, and optimal product preservation, Mustela leaves nothing to chance when it comes to providing you with 100% safe products.