Eco-design of Mustela Bébé productsAugust 2014

When your business involves designing products for babies, it goes without saying that you should adhere to the principles of sustainable development. For a number of years now, Mustela has been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycles and by 2015, all new Mustela products will be eco-designed. Come with us for an overview of the various initiatives that are already under way!

Responsible sourcing and increasingly natural formulas

New Mustela Bébé products are increasingly safe and more effective, as well as more natural: on average, they contain 92% ingredients of natural origin, and numerous questionable substances (such as parabens, phthalates and phenoxyethanol) are excluded from their formulas. Avocado Perseose® – the flagship active ingredient used in new Mustela Bébé formulas – is derived from a responsible supply line and extracted using a process that does not harm people or damage the environment. And Mustela Bébé cleansing formulas are all biodegradable, helping to keep water pollution to a minimum.


More environmentally-friendly packaging

The way in which packaging is designed is very important for keeping the environmental impact of our products to a minimum. Mustela bottles and tubes have all been redesigned so that they use less plastic, resulting in 70.6 fewer tonnes of it being used in 2013. And that means less waste! And the cardboard that Mustela Bébé uses for its boxes is made of wood from sustainably managed forests and printed using plant oil-based inks. 100% of Mustela bottles and boxes are recyclable: just remember to place them in the waste-sorting bin when they are empty so that they can have a new life.


Optimised transport

Mustela has also rationalised the way in which its products are transported from their production sites to their sales outlets where you can purchase them. By optimising the way in which boxes of products are stored on pallets, 21.6 t of cardboard were saved in 2013. This way, we have been able to increase the volume of products transported by each lorry, thus keeping the total number needed to a minimum. Fewer trips also means lower greenhouse gas emissions!


In 2013, Mustela won a Sustainable Beauty Award for the eco-design of its packaging. To find out more about this award, read our article.

To find out more about what Mustela is doing is to promote sustainable development, see the section on our website about this topic.


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