Baby massage: a tender bonding momentMarch 2015

A great source of well-being and relaxation for your baby, massage can be practised from birth onwards and has numerous beneficial effects. It is also a lovely moment of tenderness and sensorial exchange with your little one, which will reinforce the bond between you. Don’t hesitate and make a start!

What could be nicer than a gentle massage in a calm atmosphere with subdued lighting? It is beneficial to you and also your baby! From birth onwards up to three years of age (and even beyond), massage is very beneficial for children. It helps improve infants’ body awareness, prepares them for sleep and can sooth minor stomach aches. And what a pleasure for you to share this moment of bonding and well-being with your baby...


How to massage your little one

You don’t need to be a specialist to give your baby a massage: besides technique, the main thing is to tune into your child’s sensations and reactions. Choose a warm, calm room and make your baby comfortable on a large bed or baby changing table. Remember to cut your nails and remove your rings before beginning.

Massaging is different from caressing: your touch must be warm and soft but firm, with stimulating and enveloping pressure. Successively massage all areas of your child’s body: shoulders and arms down to the ends of the fingers, thorax, feet and finally the legs from the ankles to the thighs. If your baby is enjoying it, you can keep going up to 30 minutes. However, if he or she seems reluctant, stop after a few minutes and try again the next day or a few days later.


Best massage oil

Essential for making the massage more fluid and pleasant, not any massage oil will do for your child: products designed for adults may contain essential oils that are not suitable for babies’ delicate skin.

Specifically formulated for babies and made from 99% ingredients of natural origin, Mustela Bébé Massage Oil provides a gentle massage from birth onwards thanks to its unique texture. Rich, smooth and deliciously fragranced, its non-greasy texture melts on the skin, creating a warm soothing and relaxing film. And because the massage is also a time for caring from the skin, it is enriched with nourishing avocado oil, which reinforces the skin barrier and protects the cell capital. The ideal formula for a moment of shared pleasure between mother and baby!

To learn more about baby massage, please see our advice on this subject.



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