The sun's dangers

The harmful effects of sunlight

Sunburn, immediate and painful, is not the only result of excessive exposure to UV rays. Over the years, extended exposure to the sun and repeated sunburn leads to accelerated ageing of the skin and a weakened immune system, and in some cases can cause skin cancers and cataracts that can lead to blindness.

Moreover, overexposure to the sun during childhood has harmful and irreversible effects on the skin’s defense system: toxic free radicals accumulate in the skin, while its ability to repair itself diminishes and skin cells are permanently damaged. As a result, skin that has been weakened by sunburn, especially before the age of 10, will always remain vulnerable.

It’s therefore essential to limit your baby’s exposure to the sun as much as you can and provide the best possible skin protection, with high-factor sunscreen (SPF 50 or above) specially designed for children and suited to your baby’s skin type. By protecting your child from the sun, you’ll help to significantly reduce the risk of his developing skin cancer as an adult.

To learn more about the right steps you can take to protect your child from the sun, consult our consumer tip sheet.


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