Protecting your baby in the winter

Soothing dry skin

The cold temperatures and dry air of winter can easily disturb the fragile equilibrium of your baby’s skin, which often starts to show signs of increased dryness, becoming rough and bumpy. To limit the risks of dry skin and to help your baby’s skin become soft and supple again, get into the following everyday habits:

  • Wash your baby with your hands instead of with a flannel, taking care not to rub the skin too much.
  • Use an extra rich, soap-free cleansing gel specifically formulated to protect dry skin from the drying effects of hard water.
  • Do not let water naturally evaporate off of your baby’s skin; after each bath, dry your baby, without rubbing, with a 100% cotton towel.
  • After the wash, moisturize your baby’s face and body with an extra nourishing care product.

Use cotton underwear instead of wool or synthetic fabrics, which are irritating to the skin, and do not use too much detergent in your machine washes.



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