Protecting your baby from the sun

Choosing the right sunscreen for your child

Your child has delicate skin that’s thinner than yours and especially vulnerable to sunlight. So it’s vital to choose sunscreen that’s optimally effective against the sun’s harmful rays, but that also respects your child’s delicate skin and preserves its supply of healthy cells.

The right sun protection for your baby should meet the following criteria:

  • It should offer SPF 50+ and UVA protection combined with protection of the cutaneous barrier to preserve the skin’s natural defenses and prevent any cell damage that could result from exposure to the sun.
  • It should offer a guarantee of high tolerance: the formula should be hypoallergenic, alcohol- and paraben-free and dermatologically tested.
  • It should be suitable for a child’s activities: the product should be water- and sweat-resistant and visible when applied, to be sure you don’t overlook any area of the skin.
  • It should be appropriate for your child’s skin type: if your baby has very light or sensitive skin, choose a product specially designed for intolerant skin types.



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