Preparing older children for the arrival of a new baby

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- Accept all of your children’s emotions Bonds between brothers and sisters cannot be formed through obligation, and you will only make them feel guilty by criticizing their feelings. Instead, listen to them, encourage them to confide in you and reassure them again and again of your unconditional love.

- Maintain the habits of your older children, and do not disrupt their daily patterns. Daycare, time with the nanny or at school, mealtimes and bedtime, playtime and rituals. Your children need routine during this period of major change.

- Remember to spend quality one-on-one time with each of your children. Have your partner or other persons close to your family help out so you can find time for each child.

- Be careful not to talk only about your newborn, even though the baby will require the majority of your time and attention. Don’t forget to pay attention to what your other children are doing: celebrate their achievements and take every opportunity to praise them for being a “big boy” or “big girl”.



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