Physical activity during pregnancy

Precautions to take

Moderate physical exercise during pregnancy does not increase the risk of miscarriage or affect your baby’s development. However, certain precautions are essential: if you were highly athletic before becoming pregnant, you will have to modify your activities!

  • Before beginning any activity, ask your doctor if it is safe for your stage of pregnancy. Certain medical conditions require avoiding any unnecessary effort.
  • Do not take part in sporting competitions during your pregnancy.
  • Avoid overly strenuous efforts and listen to your body: stop as soon as you feel tired.
  • Drink liquids often to avoid dehydration. Avoid athletic energy drinks, which are discouraged during pregnancy.
  • Wear an exercise bra with wide straps for optimal chest support.
  • Have a snack ready to nibble on at the end of your exercise.
  • Take care of your joints, which are more flexible, but also more fragile during pregnancy.
  • In the third trimester, reduce the intensity of your exercise.
  • Immediately stop all physical efforts and visit your doctor if you experience dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, unusual pains or vaginal bleeding.



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