Intolerant and easily irritated skin


Your baby’s skin is rich in potent cells that are at their maximum strength at birth. This unique and valuable resource is also extremely vulnerable during the first few years of life, as the cutaneous barrier is developing. All babies have more fragile, delicate skin than adults. It's finer and more sensitive, and hasn’t fully developed: the protective hydrolipidic film is still very thin, which makes infant skin more vulnerable to harsh external factors (wind, cold, heat, friction, dermo-cosmetic products, etc.).
Some babies have even greater skin sensitivity: their skin has a lower tolerance level, and they react excessively to certain elements that skin can normally withstand. This hypersensitive skin that “reacts to everything” requires special treatment to preserve its cell strength and restore comfort and softness.

> Intolerant and easily irritated skin
> Contributing factors
> The causes of skin intolerance
> Caring for intolerant and easily irritated skin
> When should you see a doctor?


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