Intolerant and easily irritated skin

Caring for intolerant and easily irritated skin

In most cases, by using special dermo-cosmetic products and following specific personal care guidelines, you’ll be able to reduce the level of reaction in hypersensitive skin.

Be especially attentive to the following issues:

  • Only choose dermo-cosmetics products that are specially formulated for intolerant and easily irritated skin in babies and toddlers. These products should be hypoallergenic and contain the fewest number of ingredients possible, with no scents, preservatives or coloring agents. This treatment will help to restore your infant’s altered skin barrier and raise his tolerance level.
  • Bathe or shower your baby using lukewarm water (36°C or 97°F), never too hot.
  • When washing your child, use very gentle products that are free of soaps, fragrances and preservatives and contain a minimum number of ingredients.
  • After each daily bath, apply a soothing moisturizer that is made especially for hypersensitive and easily irritated skin in young children.
  • For diaper-changing or washing your baby during the day, use rinse-free cleansing water that offers the same features. Easily irritated skin is often irritated by contact with water (and hard water in particular).

In addition to caring for your child’s skin, it’s essential that you monitor the environment so as to limit contact with potential triggers:

  • When the weather is cold, moisturize your baby’s skin with an appropriate cream and protect sensitive areas before going out (with a hat, scarf, mittens, etc.).
  • Avoid exposing your baby to abrupt changes in temperature.
  • Avoid sun exposure for your baby. If you can’t prevent your baby from being in the sun, always apply SPF 50 sunscreen designed for a baby’s sensitive skin, combined with protective clothing (T-shirt, hat, sunglasses, etc.).



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