Caring for your breast

Healthy habits

The breasts contain no muscle; their firmness is therefore mainly reliant on the  firmness of your skin. To preserve this firmness as much as possible, get into good habits from the very start of your pregnancy and up until delivery or when you stop breastfeeding:

- Always wear a well-fitting, sturdy bra that is adapted to the size of your breasts and has wide straps. If your breasts feel heavy and sore, you can keep your bra on at night for added relief.

- Every day, massage your breasts in a circular motion from the outside toward the inside, while applying a specifically formulated product for the chests of pregnant women. This will help to relieve the tightness of your breasts, preserve the elasticity of your skin, and prevent slackening of the skin.

- If you aren’t too sensitive to cold, splash your breasts with cool or cold water at the end of each shower to help firm up the skin.

- To build your pectoral muscles, which are located under the bust and help to support it, do the following exercises regularly:

  • The nutcracker: holding your palms together, elbows shoulder-height, squeeze and inhale. Hold for 3 seconds and then release, exhaling. Repeat this exercise 20 times.
  • The “X-U”: say “X” in an exaggerated way. Inhale; say “U” while piercing your lips and exhale. Repeat this exercise 15 times.
  • Finally, try to limit your weight gain to avoid gaining too much weight in your breasts.



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