Caring for your breast

Breasts during pregnancy

From the very start of pregnancy, the influx of female hormones in the blood causes an increase in the volume of the mammary glands; the breasts feel tight and sometimes even sore, and the bluish veins below the skin become visible. The pigmentation of your nipples may also darken from the hormones. As the months go by, your chest will continue to fill out, reaching its maximum volume a few days after the birth when your milk comes in.

If you are not breastfeeding, the sudden drop in hormone levels after the birth will lead to a rapid decrease in the size of your breasts. If you do breastfeed, this drop in hormones will be more gradual, as will the change in your breast size. In all cases, these variations in volume weaken the delicate skin of your chest, which can lose its elasticity and slacken. To preserve the firmness of your breasts, it is therefore necessary to care for them on a daily basis from the very start of your pregnancy.



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