Aching or heavy legs - what the experts say

Introduction- Knowledge Pack: Aching or Heavy Legs

The phenomenon of aching, tired, or heavy legs is characterized by a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, and is most often felt at the end of the day and during summer months. These circulatory impairments are particularly frequent during pregnancy and are due to weight gain and hormonal changes.

Although these unpleasant sensations most usually disappear on their own after delivery, they should not be taken lightly; heavy legs can evolve into vascular pathologies which can sometimes be disabling. They therefore require close monitoring and appropriate care from the very first signs so as to limit the risk of complications.


Normal blood circulation in the legs

Signs of aching or heavy legs
Causes of aching or heavy legs
Heavy legs during pregnancy
Contributing factors
Good habits to get into
Medical treatment

Section drafted in collaboration with Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison, vascular specialist.


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