Your baby's motor development

At childbirth

When your baby comes into the world, his limbs are bent and the back of his neck and his bust have very little tone. He is unable to support his head by himself for longer than just a few seconds : do not forget to place your hand behind his neck when you pick him up!  His movements are involuntary and primitive. He has several primitive reflexes that will disappear during the following months :

  • If you caress his cheek, he turns his head in the direction of your finger and opens his mouth to feed.
  • A finger placed in his mouth triggers a sucking reflex.
  • If you pick him up a little too abruptly or he feels physical discomfort, he flings his arms and legs out with his hands open, then bends his limbs back again: this is the Moro reflex.
  • Held in a vertical position on a surface, he automatically takes a few steps: your baby already knows how to walk, but will soon forget and learn how to do it again in a better way later.
  • If you stroke the palm of his hand with one of your fingers, he will grab hold of it and hold on to it tightly.


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