The best toys for each age

6 to 12 months: hands come into play

Your baby can sit upright. Comfortably installed in his play pen or on his play mat and surrounded by his toys, he uses all the capacities of his hands and mouth: he feels, pinches, pulls, pushes, bites, sucks and so on… Now it's time to give him:

  • An activity board with lots of buttons to pull, push, and turn, mirrors, textures, sounds and music. This multifunction toy stimulates sight, sound and touch at the same time and enables your child to understand the link between cause and effect. A key classic for long moments of discovery!
  • Musical toys that he can set off himself.
  • Books in fabric with different textures to touch.
  • Small animals in soft plastic to amuse him in his bath.
  • At around 8 months the anguish of separation begins to set in: If he does not already have one, you could give him a security blanket impregnated with your odour to reassure him: this substitute object will soon become an irreplaceable companion.


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