The best toys for each age

12 to 18 months: on the way to mobility

Your baby takes his first steps: all the toys that enable him to exercise this new mobility will be greatly appreciated. His fine motor skills also improve: he begins to build, stack and fit things together… to make it all fall down the next minute!


You can give him:

  • A baby walking frame which will help him to become more stable and enable him to transport his toys.
  • A ride-on toy in the form of a lorry, tractor or animal, etc. This first "vehicle" gives him the possibility of moving around the whole house even if he is not yet fully at ease on his legs. Opt for a model with multi-directional wheels which is easier to manoeuvre.
  • A toy to push or pull which will quickly become your infant's walking companion.
  • Stacking and shape-fitting games: cubes or beakers in coloured plastic, boxes with shapes cut out, pyramid of rings to stack, etc.
  • A first building game with big pieces that fit together easily.
  • A picture book to browse through with your baby naming the objects presented in it.


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