The 8-month crisis

How do you recognise separation anxiety?

  • Your baby finds it hard to leave your arms: he screams, cries or protests when you try to put him down and even more so when you disappear from his field of vision, even if you have only gone into the next room.
  • When an unfamiliar person approaches, your baby does not smile. On the contrary, he shows signs of anxiety or even bursts into tears. His panic increases even more if this person talks to him or wants to kiss him or pick him up.
  • Your baby is ill at ease in unfamiliar or little known surroundings. He may also become afraid of the bath, as the water may suddenly appear as a strange environment.
  • Falling asleep becomes more difficult and he wakes up more frequently during the night. Your little one wakes up crying and only calms down when you hold him in your arms.


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