To relieve your baby

  • Offer him a teething ring which he can bite into whenever he feels the need.
    Some of them can be put in the refrigerator and preserve the cold which has a slightly anaesthetising effect.
  • Your doctor can prescribe a soothing balm for massaging your baby's gums with or even a homoeopathic preparation.
  • In the event of intense pain,  you can give some paracetamol to your baby taking care to respect the right dosage for his weight.
  • Nappy rash can also make your child suffer. To relieve him, let his skin breathe in the open air as much as possible, without a nappy. And pay particular attention to changing his nappy: gently clean his skin with a suitable product, delicately pat dry and then apply a special purifying, restructuring cream.
  • Lastly, forget any of "grandma's" tips: never cut your baby's gums and do not rub them with sugar to help the tooth come through.


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