From gurgling to the first few words: early language

Towards 3 years: I can talk like a grown-up

  • The essentials of the language have been acquired, even if his pronunciation may still not be perfect: your child can make up complex phrases, conjugate verbs and correctly use the present, past and future tenses. He may surprise you with expressions that seem to have come straight out of the mouth of an adult, that he repeats exactly as he has heard them! It is also the age of "why?" asked constantly:  his curiosity towards his surroundings and his desire to learn new words are insatiable. Try to respond as best you can to stimulate his intellectual development.
  • Quite often going to school is also an opportunity for making spectacular progress, thanks to the huge amount of stimulation received via the teachers and various members of supervisory personnel and also via the other children.
  • If your child seems a little behind with his language skills, do not hesitate to consult a paediatrician. Many factors may be hindering his progress: a hearing or neurological problem, a defect in his organs of speech, psychological-affective inhibition, etc. Only a professional can help to determine if your child is actually a little behind and, if so, what it is caused by.


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