From gurgling to the first few words: early language

Early language

At birth, your baby is not yet able to speak, but he can already communicate: through his gazes, his postures, his facial expressions and by crying – he uses all of these to express his feelings and interact with you. At this stage, there are no limits to his potential: he is naturally conditioned to acquire human language... and is able to pick up any one of the world's languages and learn how to pronounce every human sound. even more incredible is the fact that he can already distinguish between different languages on the basis of their melodies. Gradually, his language acquisition ability will become more specific and he will focus more on learning his mother tongue.
From his very first gaze to the first sentence he utters, the way you interact with your baby is of vital importance for developing his language faculties: you are the one who will give meaning to the sounds he produces, and you are the one who will make him want to repeat those sounds just for the pleasure of watching you react and respond to his requests. So it is very important that you talk to your baby as much as possible right from the start, and babble away with him: by providing him with the right kind of environment, you'll be giving him everything he needs to develop quickly and harmoniously.

Babies all learn how to talk at different ages. Some will already be saying several words after 12 months, whereas others still babble incomprehensibly at 2 years old. Go at your own child's rate of development! Stimulate and encourage him, but don't put any pressure on him: the higher your expectations, the greater the risk of your child withdrawing completely.

> Between 0 and 1 month: the beginning of communication
> 2 to 6 months: bursts of babbling
> 6 to 9 months: repeated syllables
> 9 to 12 months: the first words!
> Between 15 and 18 months: the enthusiasm to learn
> Between 18 and 24 months: sudden increase in vocabulary
> Around 3 years old: the language of an older child



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