Carrying your baby

The benefits of carrying your baby

  • Carrying fulfils babies' intense need for contact and enables them to adapt very gradually to their new environment. It also helps in establishing a strong emotional bond between the mother (or father) and the baby.
  • It stimulates baby's muscle tone and correct development of the hip.
  • Wraps and baby-carriers allow you to maintain freedom of movement. If your baby does not like to be put down on his own during the first few months of his life, then this is the ideal solution to allow you to remain active without leaving him to cry!
  • Being carried vertically, his abdomen held tightly against yours, makes digestion easier for your baby. Burping is also easier and problems of reflux and colic are reduced. For that matter you can carry baby in the event of a bout of colic to relieve him.
  • In town on public transport it is often easier, more convenient and less cumbersome to carry your baby rather than use a pushchair. The wrap or baby carrier will also allow you to keep your infant away from car exhaust fumes and viruses and bacteria in public places as he is held against you, sheltered behind the fabric and not on a level with cars.
  • When carried your baby takes part in all the daily activities and integrates perfectly into family life.


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