A safe home for your baby

Throughout the house

  • Place safety catches on windows so that your child cannot open them on his own. And never leave furniture in front of them: he could use it to gain access to them.
  • Install safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • Equip sharp-corned furniture with cushioned corner guards.
  • Banish toxic plants or place them up high.
  • Equip the doors with door-stops or door holders to prevent baby's little hands getting caught in the door.
  • Install outlet-covers so that baby cannot put his fingers into plug points.
  • Do not leave electric cables trailing: your child could play with them or bite them.
  • Never leave an extension cord plugged in when it is not plugged into an electric appliance.
  • Only buy electrical equipment with the EC or French NF standard labels.
  • Make sure that your electrical installation is in compliance with current safety standards.
  • Never leave little objects within your baby's reach (button batteries, paper clips, pieces from the older children's toys, etc.): he could put them in his mouth and choke.
  • Tell your child what he must not do in the house. Explain why and repeat what is forbidden as often as necessary.


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