Choosing how you prepare for birth

The Bonapace method

The aim of this method is to increase the skills and abilities of the couple to go through the perinatal period and more precisely to reduce the need for medical intervention by effectively managing the pain and stress experienced by the couple, encouraging the father to take part during pregnancy and childbirth.


It involves reducing pain by using both acupressure – like acupuncture but without any needles – massages and relaxation.


The participation of the father is compulsory and active; he accompanies the mother-to-be so that he knows how to help her and so that he does not feel neglected.


During labour, this pressure serves to improve the efficacy of the contractions and the father-to-be will learn how to massage his wife, especially in the lumbar region, to ease tension in the back after each contraction.


As for the mother, these sessions will allow her to discover the environment that best helps her to relax (bath, music, scent, etc.) and to which she can return in her mind on the day of birth between contractions.



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