Choosing how you prepare for birth


Sophrology is essentially based on mental concentration, visualisation of the different parts of the body and respiration that allow mothers-to-be to become aware of their uterus and their foetus.


Thanks to quite precise breathing techniques, the mother puts herself in a state that allows her to visualise a certain part of her body and to act on it.


The techniques used in sophrology enable the mother-to-be to remain in control of herself during childbirth and to experience this event to the full. In fact, the aim of sophrology is to increase the feeling of happiness and reduce anxiety 


The midwife will help the mother-to-be to relax physically and mentally using, in particular, visualisation techniques that allow her to positively anticipate the events ahead of her, her baby and her family.


With her eyes closed, she releases tension in her body, muscle by muscle, while breathing deeply.


Perfectly relaxed, she can then contemplate labour.


As the weeks go by, by regularly practising these exercises, the mother-to-be gains in self-confidence and in her ability to give birth.


On the day of birth, she will once more be able to call on these positive images in order to return to slow, deep breathing and better overcome her fears and the pain.


Text written by a team of health care professionals



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