Choosing how you prepare for birth

Preparation for birth and parenthood

The eight birth and parenthood preparation sessions given by a midwife are reimbursed by social security (in France).


The first session is an individual interview during the fourth month of pregnancy and the following sessions may be taken as individual or group classes.


This support consists in informing the parents-to-be of the procedures for pregnancy and childbirth, so as to give them confidence in themselves.


You will receive practical and theoretical preparation:

  • In the theoretical classes, you will be informed about pregnancy monitoring, the procedure for childbirth, the post partum period and feeding your newborn.
  • In the practical sessions, you will learn how to pay better attention to your body, listen to your feelings and to relax.


Through little exercises, you will also discover the positions that ease the inevitable pain associated with pregnancy and encourage your baby to be born.


The midwife will explain the different types of breathing that will help you during dilation and expulsion.


The ideal being, of course, to repeat these exercises every day at home. 


This preparation for birth and parenthood is aimed at all couples who are expecting a baby. The sessions take place either in the maternity clinic where you are giving birth or in an independent midwife’s surgery.


This information concerns birthchild preparation in France.



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