Choosing how you prepare for birth

Prenatal singing

Pregnancy is a special time for singing.


This preparation is based on the impact of sounds on the body. Low frequencies have antalgic effects in the pelvis area.


By singing, the mother-to-be relaxes and works on her respiration and breath at the same time. And, of course, her baby benefits too.


In the uterus, they are already extremely sensitive to sounds, regardless of their frequency. Their mother’s pelvis and skeleton form a sound box and amplify their transmission.


Conducted by the amniotic fluid, they reach the skin and nerve endings of the foetus in the form of vibrations, giving them an extremely pleasant massage.


During the sessions, specific work with sounds is done in preparation for childbirth and, on birth, the child will be delighted to rediscover the melodies that they heard in their mother’s womb.



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