Choosing how you prepare for birth


Haptonomy offers the father and mother an opportunity to establish emotional contact with their baby.


During these sessions, which are always given on an individual basis, the parents come together to meet their baby in order to give the latter the emotional security indispensable to their development. 


The parents are given an introduction to affective touch. By caressing the abdomen in a specific way, the parents enter into communication with their child and gradually learn what they like and what they need.


The father also discovers how the sense of touch can soothe his partner and relax her. He applies gentle pressure that works to alter the mother-to-be’s muscle tone and helps to relax all of her muscles.


On the day of birth, both parents will thus be able to actively participate in the birth of their child, the mother by gradually guiding her baby towards the open air, and the father by comforting his partner using specific techniques and helping her to remain in contact with the baby who is going to be born...


After the birth, the parents are invited to return with their newborn for a few weeks in order to discover the gestures that make them feel secure and to continue to guide them towards independence.



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