Childbirth in steps

Special cases



This is an incision in the vulva, often combined with the use of forceps, which helps the baby to come out more quickly. It may prevent excessive tearing of the perineum.


Caesarean section


If you have to give birth by Caesarean section, here are the main stages in the procedure:

  • You are carefully placed on an operating table and warmed while awaiting the procedure.
  • The surgical team can begin the procedure. You remain conscious but no longer feel any contractions if you have had an epidural or spinal anaesthesia (otherwise, you may be under general anaesthetic, in which case you are unconscious and you wake up once the procedure is over).• The surgeon removes your baby and gives them to the midwife so that she can present them to you.
  • The surgeon cuts the umbilical cord and closes the abdominal wall.
  • At the same time, the midwife provides the initial care for your baby, usually in the presence of the father. In certain maternity hospitals, skin to skin contact may be offered to the father.
  • You then rest in the post-procedure treatment room, where your baby and their father will be waiting (depending on the maternity hospital).Induction of labour

This may be carried out in the event of a medical concern with the mother or baby or if the due date has passed.


Instrumental extraction


This procedure is carried out by an obstetrician using forceps, spatulas, suction cups or spoons when the baby is taking too long to come out, in the event of foetal distress or when the baby’s head is facing the wrong direction in the mother’s pelvis.



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